Mawar Melayang Presents Original Sabahan: Kisah Anak Tanpa Dokumen

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These videos were originally published on Borneo Speaks.

Original Sabahan: Kisah Anak Tanpa Dokumen is a two-part documentary featuring stateless woman Catherine, and Gabriella, who received her blue Malaysian Identity Card (IC) last year. In Part 2 of the documentary, Founder of ANAK (Advocates for Non-Discrimination and Access to Knowledge), Anne Baltazar shares her insight on the legalities surrounding statelessness in Sabah, and what it means for the future of Sabahans.

This documentary is a collaboration between Mawar Melayang and ARTICLE 19 with support from the Canadian Embassy in Malaysia. Dokumentari ini diterbitkan dengan kerjasama Mawar Melayang dan ARTIKEL 19 dengan sokongon Kedutaan Kanada di Malaysia. Follow on Instagram: @mawarmelayang @borneospeaks @anaksabahorg